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Welcome to our charity equipment Hire page.

We are seeing high volumes of enquiries coming from the charity sector which is why we are now offering 10% discount to all registered charities who spend £500 or more on any of our products. Please note that travel and VAT would need to be added to the final amount and would not qualify for discount.
We are hoping that over the coming year we would have saved charities £1000’s enabling that money to go direct to great causes.
Please mention your charity before booking your equipment as we are unable to change your booking once you have signed a contract. We will also need your charity number in order to verify your charity. 

The most reliable starlit dance floors on the market. Our floors are fully wired to ensure reliability, manufactured in the UK and regularly serviced.

Illuminated RGB Floors- Indoor Use

Pixel floor RGB Floors Pixel flooring rentals full video dance floor effects

A colour changing floor with unlimited effects and patterns. click here for more details.

Circular LED Starlit Dance Floor - coming soon we will be proud to offer a white circular dance floor as something different from a standard square or rectangular dance floor. Watch this space for more information regarding the arrival of our full circular white dance floor.

white round dance floor circular dance floor starlit round dance floor 16ft round dance floor

The World's First colour changing Sparkly circular dance floor is nearly here. click here for more details.

Black Starlit Floor (Black Starlight) - Indoor Use

Pixel floor Black LED Aberdeen Corporate starlit floor Pure Black twinkling dancing floor

A sparkly dance floor in a black finish designed to cater for almost any occasion. click here for more details.

White Starlit Floor (White Starlight) - Indoor use only

white wedding dance floor white starlit dance floor Twinkling Wedding aisle brides dance floor

This stunning white starlight dance floor is perfect for weddings and birthday parties. click here for more details.

Pure White Floor (Plain Acrylic) - Indoor Use

plain white floor party dance floor acrylic dance solutions floor rentals

The pure white dance floor is perfect to Hire for wedding's, birthday parties and special occasions. click here for more details.

Pure Black Floor (Plain Acrylic) - Indoor Use


black flooring exhibition flooring acrylic plain black dance floor floor rentals in black finish

The plain Black Dance Floor is a perfect choice if you are looking for a simple solid coloured floor. click here for more details.

Black and White Floor (Plain Acrylic) - Indoor Use

chequered flooring black and white chess board dance floor acrylic plain black and white dance floor floor rentals in black and white finish

Still very popular is our black and white chessboard style dance floors available to Hire and ideal for themed events. click here for more details.

Oak Parquet (Real Wood) - Indoor Use

wooden dance floor Hire traditional oak parquet floor wooden flooring parquet flooring rentals

The original oak parquet dance floor is still proving popular with our clients. click here for more details.

Outdoor Floor (Acrylic) - Indoor and Outdside Use

outdoor dance floor Hire traditional oak effect outside floor weatherproof flooring Outdoor flooring rentals

Fairly new to the market, we now offer ourdoor dance floor solutions with our wood effect all weather dance floor. click here for more details.

NEW Pink Starlit Floor (Pink Starlight) - Indoor Use

pink dance floor Hire twinkling Pink LED Dance Floors pink starlight dance floor rentals pink starlit dance floor Hire

The NEW HOT PINK starlit dance is a one of a kind. click here for more details.

LED Furniture

led dance floor night fever floor saturday night fever flooring retro 70's led dance floor

The Saturday Night fever dance floors with bright colourful squares and slightly raised. Ideal for a fancy dress retro party. click here for more details.

Bars | Poseurs | Cubes | Seating - Furniture Hire

led cubes Colour changing Poseur Tables LED Bar Hire Love Letters

Enhance your event further with a range of LED Furniture, Light Up Bars and soft seating. click here for more details.


indoor stage branded stage and bar outdoor stage for festival rent a stage

We offer indoor and outdoor staging systems to suit all applications. click here for more details.

Locations we cover - click here for full list

Helping Charities

We Specialise in room transformations across the United Kingdom. We Hire products such as dance floors, stage systems, LED Furniture, Drinks Bar, LED uplighting, VIP red carpet runs, sound systems and lighting systems to enhance any function space. As the largest company of our kind, we manage thousands of events every year and continue to support events of all sizes and occasions.

bath pink starlight floor

Pink Dance Floor

Birmingham's first pink dance floor.
Birmingham Black starlit floor

Black Starlit / Starlight Dance Floor

A stunning dance floor for Hire in Birmingham
Birmingham chequered dance floor

Black and white

Chequered Dance Floors Birmingham
led table Hire
Birmingham LED light up tables
scotland light up love letters

Love letters

LED Love Letters

LED Seating

LED Furniture in Birmingham
lit seating
white wedding floor

White Starlit floor

The stunning white sparkly wedding dance floor in Birmingham
bath vip red carpet

VIP Carpet Hire

Your Oscars with a VIP Carpet

10% Off Registered Charities

While women are more likely to donate money to charity, men are more likely to volunteer or help a stranger.

British stuntman Rocky Taylor was badly injured during the 1994 filming of Death Wish 3. Nevertheless, he decided to repeat the stunt to raise money for charity.

Matt Whitehurst, 16, a student in Cumbria, used a photo of him cycling on water to gain attention for his charity. Whitehurst swears the photo is real, not doctored in any way, but will not say how he managed to ride on top of the 75 foot-deep lake.

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