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If you are looking to Hire a dance floor for your next event in Edinburgh, then look no further!
We are the leading dance floor supply in and around the Edinburgh area. We supply 11 styles of dance floors including the ever so popular starlit range. We are also proud to be offering the World’s first pink starlight dance floor.
Make your event that extra special with one of our speciality floors along with some great vibrant complimenting products.

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Dance Floor Hire Giants

We Specialise in room transformations across the United Kingdom. We Hire products such as dance floors, stage systems, LED Furniture, Drinks Bar, LED uplighting, VIP red carpet runs, sound systems and lighting systems to enhance any function space. As the largest company of our kind, we manage thousands of events every year and continue to support events of all sizes and occasions.

bath pink starlight floor

Pink Dance Floor

Edinburgh's first pink dance floor.
bath Black starlit floor

Black Starlit / Starlight Dance Floor

A stunning dance floor for Hire in Edinburgh
bath chequered dance floor

Black and white

Chequered Dance Floors Edinburgh
led table Hire
Edinburgh LED light up tables
scotland light up love letters

Love letters

LED Love Letters

LED Seating

LED Furniture in Edinburgh
lit seating
scotland white wedding floor

White Starlit floor

The stunning white sparkly wedding dance floor in Edinburgh
bath vip red carpet

VIP Carpet Hire

Your Oscars with a VIP Carpet

About Edinburgh

Because of the terrible smell of open sewers, Edinburgh got a nickname of Auld Reekie.

The Encycopaedia Britannica was first published in Edinburgh.

The oldest building in the city is St. Margaret's

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