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UK Dance Floor Hire is one of the largest suppliers of LED Starlit (starlight) twinkling dance floors and the only company offering the brand new HOT pink floor. We are currently World leaders in dance floor rentals with some exclusive products only available to hire here.

We are one of just a few company's to hire fully wired LED dance floors. This process offers a more reliable contact, ensuring that the floor stays lit during your function.

NEW - 16ft White Circular Sparkly Dance Floor. Coming soon and a UK Events exclusive, We are proud to be offering a World's first 16ft white circular dance floor with twinkling LED lights which can be set to any colour you desire. We are hoping that this will be available at the beginning of the summer season ready for our brides and corporate clients.Click here for more info.

Once we have assessed the demand for the 16ft round sparkly floor, we will then consider offering the acrylic finish in black and possibly HOT PINK too! - Watch this space for further news.

Hire a starlit (starlight) twinkling dance floor to add a touch of sparkle to your event.

White wedding dance floorr black Starlight floor

The most popular dance floor hired in today’s market is the Starlit LED range. We have one of the largest stock levels of starlit dance floors in the country. You can choose between white, black and now the World's very first HOT Pink LED Sparkly Floor which was specifically designed just for us.

Quite often we have clients calling us without knowledge on what size LED dance floor they require. This really isn’t a problem as we have records of hundreds of venues and a good knowledge of what works – This depends on how many guests are attending your party and also the type of event it is. Obviously if it is a dancing event, we would suggest larger sizes as opposed to Wedding and Birthday parties where a more conservative floor would do the job. We will always give you options and hire you a floor to suit your budget and requirements.

The starlit range of dance floors can make up any size floor you required as long as the dimensions are divisible by 2. We can lay these on most surfaces subject to it being relatively flat and of course indoors (outdoor floors are available) Outdoor Dance Floors. To ensure we cause no damage to the surface we are laying the starlit dance floor on, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our underlay service (please ask if required).

Our LED floors sit just 3cm from the ground, all of the LED lights are flush with the surface of the floor and we use sloped edging to ensure the floor is safe. As an extra precaution we use a specialist tape to secure the trim for added safety (where permitted). We also use a non slip cleaning process to prevent the dance floor being slippery during use - We highly advise no drinks on the dance floor to prevent any nasty trips.

Stripped black and white led floor Pink Sparkly dancing floor

Let us make your event that extra special with one of our starlight LED sparkly dance floors - Available to hire in pure black, pure white and pure pink. Please click below if you would like an alternative dance floor:

RGB Pixel floor | Pure White Floor | Pure Black Floor | Black and White Floor | Oak Parquet Floor | Outdoor Floor | NEW PINK STARLIT FLOOR |


Starlit dance floor hire started around 10 years ago when there was a demand for new and innovative products. Now the starlit LED range of dance floor are the most hired dance floors from our range of an impressive 11 styles of flooring.

Ask about our all new hot pink starlight dance floor - This is the first of its type which can only be hired through us.

Many people refer to the starlit dance floors as: STARLIGHT | PEALIGHT | LED | TWINKLING | FLASHING |

pink dance floor

Pink Dance Floor

Starlit's first pink dance floor.
black starlight flooring

Black Starlit / Starlight Dance Floor

A stunning dance floor for hire in Starlit
Starlit chequered dance floor

Black and white

Chequered Dance Floors Starlit
led table hire
Starlit LED light up tables
giant light up LED letters

Love letters

LED Love Letters

LED Seating

LED Furniture in Starlit
lit seating
white wedding floor

White Starlit floor

The stunning white sparkly wedding dance floor in Starlit
bath vip red carpet

VIP Carpet Hire

Your Oscars with a VIP Carpet

LED Dance Floors For Hire

Don’t forget that our white starlit wedding floor is available in any size you require. Due to our large stock of flooring, we can supply 11 starlit dance floors per day in any configuration.

Turn your sparkly floor in to your function room’s centrepiece. You have full control of the LED lights which have 4 twinkle options, an all on feature and an all off feature.

Take advantage of the World’s first pink sparkly dance floor. Only a handful of people have had the chance to hire this stunning pink floor. We had the acrylic surface specially made in Demark and the colour was matched to our specifications. We are extremely happy with how the dance floor has been received, our clients love it!


LED Dance Floor Refurbishments . We can now offer a comprehensive acrylic dance floor refurbishment service. Subject to the condition of your old panels, we can bring them back to 'like new' condition with our 12 step process. Save thousands of pounds and never have to buy new dance floor panels again. Our refurbishment service is available on LED Starlit panels too! Once your panels are looking new, we can offer an annual light refurbishment to keep your dance floors looking new and maintaining the shine.

We can fully refurbish oak parquet dance floor panels back to their original state. We sand just enough of the floor to remove any imperfections before recoating the floor with 3 touch clear coats of varish - This process can be repeated several times potentially giving you a 30 year life from your dance floor.


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